A person holding a bag made from unique gathered material.

Maggy Johnston

Tutor of Unconventional Textile Materials
Sculptor - Contemporary Textile Artist - Exhibitor - WOW Finalist - Award Winner
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Unconventional Textiles Workshop - Pre-Used & Unusual Materials
Tutor Maggy Johnston poses with a student in front of a large art installation.
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Unconventional Textiles Workshop - Pre-Used & Unusual Materials

Maggy Johnston


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  • 2 Days - 08 to 09 June 2024

Meet Your Tutor - Maggy Johnston

Maggy has been a maker all her life. Translating her ideas by playing with unconventional materials that she often finds by fossicking, then turning them into unusual contemporary sculptural objects, sometimes with purpose, other times evolving into Objet d'art.

If you attend Maggy's workshops be prepared to be challenged as she shares with you her philosophies of creating textile art with inherent meaning supporting her belief surrounding gender and environmental issues. Whether you are a complete beginner or bring experience with you, Maggy will gently guide you through her processes to create innovative fibre and textile works that are meaningful to you.

Maggy has her Masters in Fine Arts with Honours, actively exhibits her current work and has attended numerous international residences. Maggy has been selected multiple times for the WOW event, her highlight being winning two awards!

Unconventional Textile Materials tutor Maggy Johnston works on a piece of art.
A necklace made from red and black wire with a circular pendant piece.
Tutor Maggy Johnston at an exhibition of her artworks made from unconventional materials.