Pink and grey fabric dyed with natural plant matter.

Colleen Plank

Tutor of Eco Dyeing & Feltmaking
Contemporary Textile Artist - Exhibitor - Award Winner
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Eco Dye workshop at Fairholme Homestead. Students hold up their eco-dyed fabrics.
Students Pauline and Anita in the process of eco-dyeing.
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Eco Dyeing Workshop - Dyeing Fabrics & Fibres Naturally with Plants

Colleen Plank


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1 workshop date
  • 2 Days - 22 to 23 June 2024
Students holding up their felt artworks at a workshop.
Student holding up their felt artworks at a workshop.
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Contemporary Feltmaking Workshop

Colleen Plank


1 workshop date
  • 2 Days - 20 to 21 July 2024

Meet Your Tutor - Colleen Plank

Colleen's passion for creating textiles has taken her to many exciting and interesting locations, that has at times included attending workshops.

The most memorable of those have been the artists' own creative spaces where it has been possible to fully immerse herself in the creative experience.

What drives Colleen's enthusiasm is the opportunity to share her extensive knowledge of Felting, Dyeing and Textile Manipulation techniques with anyone wishing to try out something new or to inspire and mentor the more experienced students ready to extend their skills.

“Being creative with textiles is the one constant that keeps me stimulated and connected with wonderful people and places.”

Feltmaking and Eco Dyeing tutor Colleen Plank excitedly holds up a piece of fabric dyed with plants.
Felt bag detail with yellow and black.
Striped tube-like artwork by tutor Colleen Plank made from felt.