Embroidery on a photographic image of a pink flower.

Rosie Horn

Tutor of Embroidery/Stitch
Contemporary Stitch - Traditional Embroiderer - Photographer - Award Winning Artist
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Various embroidering materials and tools.
Various embroidering materials and tools.
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Embroidery Workshop - Embroidered Artwork: Transfer-Stitch

Rosie Horn


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  • 1 Day - 16 June 2024

Meet Your Tutor - Rosie Horn

Embroidery has always represented this un-obtainable world of patience, something I was short of. A love for embroidery was something I had in bundles! Eventually the desire to embroider won over, and the patience gradually developed.

I saw the opportunity to combine photography with embroidery during my photographic studies when I embarked on a project photographing modern interiors, buildings and object devoid of surface embellishment. I tentatively stitched into these images trying to find a balance between maintaining the integrity of the photographic image while giving the embroidery a place in its own right in the final object.

Embroidery tutor Rosie Horn focusses on her embroidered artwork.